Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Raimondo as Calabrian

I always thought of Justin Raimondo as an Italian-American, nevertheless when I quoted Timothy Stanley  in his just published biography of Pat Buchanan, The Crusader. He identified Raimondo as Hispanic-American and I quoted Stanley with that Raimondo ethnic identification. After a few comments and emails questioning the identification,I contacted Raimondo to get it right. He emails:
Italian -- or, as Ralph Raico insisted, Calabrian! Both sides. yes, I saw the book when it came out. Perils of long distance research: Stanley is a Brit.

For the record, according to Wikipedia, Calabria  is a region in Southern Italy located at the "toe" of the Italian Peninsula. It is the  birthplace of fashion designer Gianni Versace. Pope Telesphorus (2nd-century pope), Pope Anterus (3rd-century pope), Pope Zosimus (5th-century pope), Pope John VII (8th-century pope) and  Pope Zachary (8th-century pope) are from Calabria. Also, Aloysius Lilius (16th-century astronomer who created the Gregorian Calendar)


  1. Sometimes people say "she sings like an angel". In that spirit I must say that Justin writes like an angel. I mean he may be the Pope of libertarian anti-war writing, not to diminish the honor with too many qualifications! Justin is a great great writer.

  2. My great great grandfather was mayor of Calabria, after being released from prison for murder (true story). Just so everyone knows.

  3. I wish my fellow homos would "get off the reservation" and look to people like JRaimondo, Drudge and GGreenwald as gay heroes.


  4. I hope we the next pope is named Telesphorus.