Monday, September 30, 2013

Rand Paul Calls for Conference Committee

WaPo reports:
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Sunday called for the formation of a conference committee to work out the differences between clashing House and Senate stopgap bills to keep the government funded.
"Why don't we have the conference committee on this? You could appoint one today, they could meet tomorrow and hash out the differences," Paul said on CBS' "Face The Nation. "That's the way it's supposed to work."
What exactly is libertarian or even small government about Rand's point?  The idea is to hope the government is jammed and gummed up for as long as possible. The real danger is that a shutdown will last only days.

Rand's call for a conference committee solution puts him in the let's make government operational rather than the lets shrink government camp.


  1. They know government will reopen again after a shutdown and everyone will be funded retroactively. So why even shut down?

    1. Because government evil doesn't merely lie in its funding of departments.

  2. Rand wants to make govt operational because he believes there is a Biblically defined role for Civil Government. He is not a libertarian and neither is his father. He is a Constitutional Conservative who wants to "restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations." He is not an anarcho capitalist.

    1. Rand Paul wants a corporate version of the TSA to molest our wives and daughters, whenever and wherever the mood strikes them. That my friends is the very definition of a "Bible Belt" christian in the the Republican party.

      Hey Rand, our 17 year old daughter was conceived in part because of the suggestion of a dear muslim friend by the name of Samira. She was a Palestinian who was forced to flee her village on the West Bank in 1967 because the Israeli soldiers were killing her neighbors. I guess if you are a "Bible Belt" christian in the Republican Party you are encouraged to admire and respect murderous thieves.

      I am happy to say that my Mennonite wife and daughters do not share your authoritarian values, Rand.