Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rand Paul: If He Loves It So Much, Why Doesn't The President Take Obamacare?

Rand Paul calls out the president for not signing up for Obamacare, and the Chief Justices for not signing up for Obamacare and for federal employees not signing up for Obamacare. Rand gets a little convoluted by saying he will sign up for it if an amendment is passed that requires any law to apply also to Congress. This misdirecting a bit of the focus. But for the most part, this is decent harassment by Rand.

He said Wednesday on the floor of the Senate:
Why doesn't the president voluntarily take Obamacare? I mean, it's his baby. He loves it so much, why doesn't the president take it? He could voluntarily go on the exchanges. In fact, I’m sure they'd welcome him at the D.C. exchanges. I really think that ought to be a question they ought to ask him at the press briefing today. Mr. President, are you willing to take Obamacare? If you don't want it, why are we stuck with it?

So, if the president can't take it, if Chief Justice Roberts doesn't want it, here's the thing. You want to see a rebellion? We should ask federal employees to take Obamacare. That’s what my amendment says, not just Congress. I’m willing to take it. I don't want it. I absolutely don't want it. And I’ve been frank about it. I’m not a hypocrite. I didn't vote for it. I think the whole thing is a mess and I don't want it. But the thing is if I’ve got to take it, I think the president ought to get it, get a full dose of his own medicine. I think Justice Roberts should get it. I think he contorted and twisted and found new meaning in the constitution that isn't there. And if he wants it so much, if he thinks it's justified and if he's going to take that intellectual leap to justify Obamacare, he ought to get it.

There’s millions of federal employees. They don't want it. But guess who they vote for usually? I think it is a partisan question. I think if we were to put it forward and say, Obamacare is such a wonderful thing for everybody, let's give it to the federal employees; my guess is we wouldn't get a single vote from the opposition party on this. But we won't even get a chance because they don't want to talk about it. Obamacare is good. We’re going to shove it down the rest of America’s throat. We’ll exempt ourselves.

I have a constitutional amendment. I frankly think that Congress should never pass any law that they're exempted from. I think there's an equal protection argument for how it would be unconstitutional for us to do so, and yet we've done it repeatedly. But my question to you is: What you think? Do you think maybe we should ask the president to come down today and sign up for Obamacare? I think we should ask him that today, every day, and henceforth. Mr. President, such a good idea, why don't you get it?


  1. Another stupid rant from Rand Paul. The exchanges are for people who don't' have insurance or who are not happy with their insurance. There is no need to bother with the exchange if you are happy with what you have.

    Why mention Roberts? He followed the Constitution. He did not affirm the law because he likes it.

    Also, the phrase "sign up for Obamacare" sounds childish, as if he is deliberately talking down to the clowns who make up his base, a "dees, dems and does"affectation.

    1. Aww here you go again Jerry, are you going to ignore yet another set of responses that blow your posts out of the water? Or just ignore them in true troll fashion?

      This was anything but a "rant", if you think that the exchanges are the *only* aspect of Obamacare then I have a bridge to sell you. Obamacare has perverted the entire healthcare market, and Congress has so far exempted themselves and their staffs, and the president has handed out wavers to certain crony organizations. This act is actually explicitly prohibited by the US Constitution, and thus Rand is simply following the law.

      Why mention Roberts? For many reasons, many of which are rhetorical, but if you claim that he "followed the constitution" in this case you are quite ignorant of the facts, the Constitution, or both. Calling something a "tax" that was explicitly legislated as "not a tax" does not make it so. Simply put, Roberts invented something out of whole cloth to attempt to legitimize this. And, more importantly, IF Obamacare is implementing a tax, it is *not* a Constitutionally acceptable direct tax apportioned to states based upon population. So, you fail again.

      I will bet big $$$ that you never reply to this post, as you have yet to reply to any other posts that have highlighted your complete lack of comprehension and intelligence on *every* *single* *topic* you post about.

      I would again ask Bob Wenzel to ban Jerry from posting here. Difference of opinion are fantastic, blatant trolling is a waste of everyones' time.

    2. So why the need for the exchange then or forcing people to have insurance in the first place.

  2. Once again, this proves Rand is the greatest American since the days of James Madison.