Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rand Paul To Join the Clueless Steve Lonegan In New Jersey

 On Friday, September 13, Senator Rand Paul will travel to Clark, New Jersey, to support GOP Senate candidate Steve Lonegan in his bid for the United States Senate, Rand's office has announced.

Here is Murray Sabrin on Lonegan:
Steve Lonegan’s campaign is imploding faster than a sinkhole in Florida. Instead of focusing on the major issues of the day–Obama’s probable military attack on Syria, the NSA spying program on the American people, the Federal Reserve’s unconscionable money printing, the unsustainable federal budget, the reckless federal government expansion into health care known as ObamaCare, and dozens of other issues–Lonegan is getting press for his critique of Cory Booker’s handling of crime in Newark and his remarks about the mayor’s sexual orientation.
Lonegan’s campaign is true to form, namely, attacking his opponent relentlessly on irrelevant issues which have nothing to do about what will be debated in the United States Senate in the next six years[...]
Steve Lonegan’s candidacy for the United States Senate is doing incredible harm to the liberty movement. Instead of making the case for free enterprise, individual rights, limited government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, he relishes the opportunity to talk about Booker’s job as mayor of Newark and his private life.
With Cory Booker leading Steve Lonegan by 28 points in the latest poll, the former mayor of Bogota is headed for an ignominious defeat in the October special election.
More of Sabrin's take is here.

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