Friday, September 27, 2013

REPORT: Rand Paul Privately Attempted to Discourage Ted Cruz From Launching His Anti-Obamacare Filibuster

WFPL News in Kentucky reports:
A group of Tea Party and conservative activists rallied outside of Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s Louisville office, calling for the defunding of the president’s health care law.

Joined by U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin, over a dozen demonstrators spoke in support of Republican Ted Cruz of Texas, who held a nearly 24-hour marathon talk on the Senate floor to oppose the Affordable Care Act.

But McConnell disagreed with Cruz's tactic to block a federal spending bill that takes out funding Obamacare in order to keep Senate Democrats from amending the measure[...]

Bevin's stance could be somewhat complicated, however, by reports that Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., who has endorsed McConnell, privately discouraged Cruz's plan as a poor strategy that would ultimately shut down the federal government.
All this caused Rand to pick up new support from neocon Charles Krauthammer:
I understand that this was a very emotional moment, whipped up everybody who opposed Obamacare, but I thought Rand Paul threaded the needle on this very well.
If Rand keeps this up, showing concern about government shutting down, he may end up getting support from Nancy Pelosi.


  1. Let's see Wenzel run for senate and do a better job.

    1. How?
      By being an even greater traitor to principles? Then why are the even more statist politicians not making America better?
      As far as politicians who are actually more principled than Rand, all libertarians have to look at to see who did a better job, is the man who gave Rand Paul life: his father Ron Paul.

      Now we're probably going to hear how endorsing Mitch McConnell and getting support from the likes of Charles Krauthammer is a "good thing" for the liberty movement, somehow.

    2. Rand is nothing more than a puppet who is dependent on strings moving his mouth, and articulating his waxen appendages.

  2. Paul the Lesser shows his true colors again

  3. 61% in new Bloomberg poll support budget cuts. I'd guess Paul realized Cruz's speech would dominate the conversation. This let the Dems off the hook by not explaining why they weren't listening to unions wanting to end the ACA.

  4. The Krauthammer looked & sounded exactly like the Trotskyite he is last night on FOX. He really has rec'd a kick in the tail from commentary for the way he & his Fox cohorts made a joke of Cruz's war.