Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roubini: I Have Only Begun to Get Wet

Following the shutdown of his jacuzzi by the government, Nouriel Roubini now vows, according to NY Mag:
 "It's gonna be back in the next three months!" swore Nouriel Roubini, the celebrity economist known as Dr. Doom, about the infamous party Jacuzzi he'd been forced to remove from the roof of his East Village loft by the Department of Buildings — a city tiff that had made the tabloids just hours earlier. "I'm getting all the permits," he said.

NY Mag also revealed a bit of Roubini's political leanings:
 Roubini, dressed in a billowy white shirt and surrounded by a group of leggy women, had lent his apartment for the night to the mayoral campaign of Jack Hidary, a dot-com millionaire who is running as an independent. Upstairs on the open-air deck, partygoers were lamenting the loss of Roubini's hot tub, which had been covered over with plywood. But downstairs, amid a hundred-strong throng of onlookers, Hidary — who sits on the advisory council of Google X Labs and has been involved with a number of start-ups in the city since making his fortune with early job site Earthweb — was laying out his plan to make New York a city of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. 
"When I'm mayor, everyone gets a pair of Google Glasses!" he said to loud applause.

Sadly, Hidary appears to be a tinkerer of government regulations rather than a mover in the direction of free markets. In the below video, he explains how he tinkered with part of the central planning programs that suffocate the NYC taxi industry, rather than move in the direction of free markets for the industry. Bottom line: He is as all wet as Roubini will be again in the not too distant future.

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