Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smacking Down the Assad to Hitler Link On the Use of Poison Gas

Today on the Sunday news talk shows, Secretary of State John Kerry linked Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad to Hitler because of their use of poison gas:
 "Bashar al-Assad now joins the list of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein [who] have used these weapons in time of war."
The only problem with this is that Hitler never used poison gas. From
[Hitler] didn't drop poison gas on civilian populations during bombing raids by the Luftwaffe.  He didn't even use it tactically against enemy troop concentrations.

Which brings additional emphasis to Sheldon Richman's point:


  1. Bob, I'm no fan of Kerry, but I'm certain he was referring to the use of Zyklon B gas in the extermination of Jews and other POW's. Hitler declared war against the Jews, and poison gas was his main weapon.

    1. Rafi - The nazis used it like we use lethal injection. It wasn't used as a weapon.

    2. I agree with your interpretation. Hitler did use poison gas on Jews and others in his extermination camps.

  2. The irony of the situation is that the only troop casualties (I'm aware of) due to gas in WW2 is that of the US ship, SS John Harvey, being bombed/sunk in the Bari air raid, its subsequent payload of mustard gas killing our own troops and some civilians.

    Not only that, Churchill scrubbed the accident from England's records.

  3. These weapons aren't used on a battlefield because they are ineffective.