Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Special Edition of The Robert Wenzel Show: Hillary Mann Leverett on U.S. Foreign Policy

** Because events are changing so quickly in Syria, this week's show is being published today instead of on Sunday **
This Week's Guest
Hillary Mann Leverett
Co-Author of Going To Tehran, U.S. Foreign Policy Professor at American UniversityAcademic Board Member of The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity



  1. Or you could just post two podcasts!

  2. Awesome interview! Gets me caught up on the goings-on behind the DC rhetoric. Leverett is a terrific analyst!!

  3. It does not seem the establishment will ever look at 9-11 again.

    3,000 Americans killed was part of the world war game.

  4. Great interview but my eyes rolled on her 9-11 response. "No reason to doubt" the government line? How long does someone have to remain in the establishment for the government story to be convincing? To ignore the evidence suggesting conspiracy and cover-up, evidence which gives normal people that look into it "plenty of reasons to doubt," is to my mind a total failure if you are a foreign policy analyst. Those of us who oppose the State can't back down from 9-11 revisionism. There is no single event (including JFK assasination) that has more potential for de-legitamizing State power than the mass murder that took place on 9-11.

  5. First saw her on an MSNBC panel discussion where she blew the others away with an incredible grasp of the facts AND the ability to deliver an articulate, verbal dagger.

  6. A wonderful and thought-provoking interview, thank you for this! I admire Professor Leverett so much for her integrity, honesty, and values. God bless her and God bless you all!