Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spotted at Liberty PAC

David Weigel has photos from the recent Liberty PAC conference that was held just outside Washington D.C.

He says Edward Snowden was considered a hero.

And he spotted these cool t-shirts.


  1. Too bad the shirt with the "credit card accepted" sign above it does not read "end fractional reserve banking." That would have been hilarious.

    Wondering what the liberty movement thinks of the guy who shot up the navy shipyard and killed govt employees. Was the shooter merely exercising his 2nd Amendment right to stand up to the oppressive govt? Sure you can have my gun, let me give you the bullets first. Seems like if you wear that shirt you should celebrate the shooting at the Navy Yard.

    1. Libertarianism is about the non-aggression principle. The shooter's act was an initiation of violence; not a 'defensive' act.

      On the other hand, if you were to ask me if i'm mourning, the answer would be 'no', anymore than i would mourn the death of a murderer by death penalty, regardless of the fact that i am against the death penalty.

    2. Did you just go full retard?

  2. "Stop Shooter! I've called 911. The SWAT team will be here in about 20 minutes to stand down." JW

  3. I attended LPAC. Attendance was small and enthusiasm was lackluster. The crowd was about ready to take a nap during Mike Church's speech if you can believe that. It is hard to get inspired by 1% spending reductions and 17% personal flat income taxes after all. (Senator Paul's positions.) It seemed like an event devoid of radicals and full of politicos.

    All of that changed though when Ron Paul came and spoke. The crowd lit up and Paul gave one of his best speeches yet. Even the politicos still get excited for the man himself.

    Principle inspires, moving hearts and minds to action. I wish his son understood that.