Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ted Cruz, Leninist

I am not a big fan, overall, of Ted Cruz, though he does lean libertarian on some issues. He's just a politician, as far as I am concerned, but Jack Balkin has a fascinating theory at to what Cruz may be up to. This is a must read, here.


  1. Well, there is this little inconvenient detail:

  2. That article really didn't explain anything, especially the "Leninist" part.

    What we do know about Cruz is that, he's Canadian and Cuban, and his wife (Heidi Cruz) is a member of the CFR and was heavily involved with the "North American Community" (kinda of like the "European Community" which eventually became the E.U.), trying to bring forth the North American Union.

    Not to mention his wife, also worked for Merrill-Lynch, and now Goldman-Sachs. Sen. Rubio was also doing pretty popular earlier this year, that was until his views on immigration came to light, and he quickly lost favor among the Republican/Tea Party base.

    Cruz is a smart one, in that his wife has been actively involved in the same thing, but unlike the idiot Rubio, Cruz has kept his mouth shut. His is one that is a more well-planned and nefarious agenda.

    The man is not a non-interventionist. He is pro-Israel, pro-War on Terror, he worked for George Bush. The guy is an all-out conman. Even his filibuster against Obamacare seems to be just an act, given that he actually voted for its spending bill. He claims he did it, because its to keep the "debate" going, but wtf does that even mean?

    1. Every person in the CFR is flat out evil. And Goldman Sachs banker is icing on the cake. Cruz is the establishments new Reagan to co opt the liberty movement that Ron Paul created.

  3. Once again - "The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition..."