Friday, September 27, 2013

The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should Know

I'm not Jewish but I was already familiar with the meaning of about 30 of these words. Some words, glitch, shmooze and spiel, I didn't even realize were of Yiddish origin. The 40 are here.


  1. I knew 33, and I'm a small town southern goy boy (albeit one who has spent quite a bit of time in NYC)!


    1. @Fitz

      Same with me, I think the "spending quite a bit of time in NYC" boosts it by 10 or so.

    2. I think mine came from WAY TOO MUCH pop culture! It's like "language immersion" since these terms are ubiquitous in most TV! Well, that PLUS finding out that my mom's dad's dad was Jewish (AND GAY!) probably made me subconsciously seek out some parts of Jewish culture.

      Ehhh. Black, Muslim, Jewish, Aryan, or WTEver...we are ALL children of the same God, and blessed for it. My God (and I am not particularly religious) looks at our souls, the way we treat our fellow creatures (human, canine, etc.) and forgives us.


      (Did NOT mean to get metaphysical, but I am so blessed right now it's hard NOT to thank God for my blessings!)