Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trump May Buy FBI Headquarters

Will there be even more expansion for Donald Trump in crony Washington D.C.?

Fresh off an announcement that he has signed a 60-year lease on the Old Post Office building, which he will convert into a hotel, WaPo is reporting that Trump is considering the purchase of the FBI headquarters/

According to WaPo, The FBI wants out of the building, so the GSA, which manages real estate for the federal government, is looking to swap it to a developer in exchange for a newly constructed FBI headquarters elsewhere in the region.

Trump said he’s been eyeing the process and will be deciding whether to make a bid.

“We’ll be watching the FBI as to what’s going to happen,” Trump said in an interview Monday. “Whether or not we will bid on it, we may, we may not. Now if we do as good a job as we will do with [the Old Post Office], people may ask us about it.”

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