Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where Are All the Female Libertarian Economists?

The question has been launched in Twitter land and started by this bizarre tweet:

Here is a good response:

For the record, just off the top of my head, libertarian or libertarian leaning economists include:

Caroline Baum

Amity Shlaes

 Veronique de Rugy

Maria Minniti

Dambisa Moyo

Pippa Malmgren

Sudha Shenoy

Taking Hayek Seriously lists these:

 Karen Vaughn, Vera Smith, Rose Friedman, Anna Schwartz, Marjorie Grice-Hutichinson.

And points out:

UPDATE More here:

The Female Students of Ludwig von Mises


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  2. The cause of this is that economics is a discipline that requires talent in multistep logical thinking, something that I think most women are not particularly good at and because of this there are virtually no women libertarian economists, the only one I respect in terms of theory is Ayn Rand. Most women are not like Ayn Rand though, they have other matters on their mind, like house duties and what appliances work the best. Mainstream on the other hand does not require multistep logical thinking, it requires the ability to memorize math equations and repeat them, it is not as much original fluid thinking as it is memorizing like kids in the Madrassas in Pakistan do with the Quran.

    1. "Most women are not like Ayn Rand though, they have other matters on their mind, like house duties and what appliances work the best."

      Um, ok. Nice of you to give ammo to statists and feminists that will paint libertarians as misogynists.

    2. I am a misogynist because I think men and women are different on a biological level (including the brain)? I would say that is basic evolution. Apparently today the standard for hating women is recognizing that they are not biologically exactly the same as men.

    3. No, if you actually READ what I wrote, I wrote that you gave them ammo to paint libertarians as misogynists (you know, the whole "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen" stuff).

      Yes, men and women are different on a biological level, including the brain. I definitely agree with you.

    4. I think the "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen" view is way too radical. I see nothing wrong with women wearing shoes. ;-)

    5. "Um, ok. Nice of you to give ammo to statists and feminists that will paint libertarians as misogynists. "

      As if statists and feminists need ammo that will paint libertarians in a negative light. We want to abolish their reason for existing (their politics), so they'll invent libertarian boogeymen on the fly. You worry way too much about what they think.
      Besides, it's someone's right to have old fashioned thinking. If you can't or don't want to defend that, what kind of libertarian are you?

    6. "As if statists and feminists need ammo that will paint libertarians in a negative light."

      Ding! Ding! Ding!

      In case some of you idiots haven't noticed, they simply INVENT reasons to hate libertarians. Try reading salons giant straw man arguments recently. Stop cow towing to the politically-correct robots. I'm fucking sick of it!

      He says men and women are different. Hell even Karen DeCoster realizes this. See here:

      Sure are a lot of men without balls these days. Who gives a shit what they think? Hell, I've been called everything from an America hater, terrorist sympathizer, misogynist, homophobe, utopian, pinko liberal commie, warmongering killer, blah, blah, blah.

      It all depends on what I'm talking about. Back in the day when the Iraq War was new the neocon maggots thought I was some pinko commie because I opposed the war. At the very same time the idiots Leftists would call me a "right wing nut job" when I discussed economics. LOL!

      These brainwashed bozos don't even think for themselves so who cares if we're "playing into" their false accusations.

  3. Who cares if there are females or not?

    By answering this question seriously it just plays into the social justice proselytizer's playbook.

    1. So what? Hell dude they actually INVENT (did you hear that...INVENT) shit about us. It wouldn't matter how politically correct you got or how much you cow tow to their idiocy they will simply INVENT shit up about libertarians. Salon did this recently. IT was so full of straw men it was unreal.

  4. "Nearly all leading libertarian "economists" are men, right? Are libertarians embarrassed by this?"

    No. Actually I'm not surprised at all. What I AM surprised at is that there are any Austrian economists period. lol. Why? Because it requires logic and reason something which today's world seem totally DEVOID of.

  5. Pippa Malmgren ... seriously? You give Rand Paul, Justin Amash, etc. guff about not being real libertarians (I agree by the way) and then include a former member of the PPT and someone who is as establishment as they come?


  6. Libertarians allow people to choose freely and not force people into (or out of) pigeonholes. That and there is no "Libertarian Central Command" (despite the Koch's efforts). So, no, libertarians won't "do" anything about this invented problem. If a woman wants to be a libertarian economist, she will choose for herself to do so.

  7. Replies
    1. Until 2000, Shlaes was member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, specializing in economics. She currently directs the economic project at the Bush Center, the Four Percent Growth Project.


  8. And the answer is...women are raised to expect to be cared for by men in THIS culture (I won't speak for other cultures) and it's a lot to ask to give up ANY sort of free lunch, even so much as a nibble. It's the same reason the party of hand-outs (Dems, if you didn't know) continue to enjoy incredibly overwhelming support in the African-American community (of which, by the bye, I am a member). I don't mean to say that no one EVER voluntarily renounces handouts, only that it appears to be the exception, rather than the rule. If your daughter, sister, wife, or girlfriend are gorgeous, men will throw money at them and I assume there's some evolutionary/biological purpose to this, but the sad reality is, every time you pay for the drinks you're creating (or sustaining) another welfare recipient. Try not to do that.