Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whoa! Business Insider Executive Fired Over Twitter Comments

Statement From Business Insider

Founder Henry Blodget writes:
A Business Insider executive has made some comments on Twitter that do not reflect our values and have no place at our company. The executive has left the company, effective immediately.
Business Insider's team is composed of more than 100 talented men and women of many backgrounds, and we highly value this diversity.


Pax Dickinson has been fired as the chief technology officer of Business Insider because of his tweets on feminism, poverty and race relations.


Valley Wag lists a number of tweets they have problems with, and some of them are out of line, but they put this tweet among them, which seems to have a bit of logic to it:


  1. The politically-correct police are out and about again. Gotta love those Commies.

  2. I found Pax an enjoyable follow on Twitter. As a member of the dissident right/paleo side of the house, it's a shame to hear this happened to him. But he's a smart guy and I am sure will be employed in no time flat after he endures his two minutes of hate. For a primer, see Derbyshire, John; Watson, James; Weissberg, Robert. As long as one doesn't apologize, one is usually okay.

    Employers obvious have the right to terminate an at-will employee at anytime if they feel the employee endangered their brand or might cause future revenue loss. But I fear this was in response to some angry, aggrieved women who took offense to Pax's defense of a techcrunch off-color joke at a conference. There was a twitter-fight, Pax blocked them, but anyone can search a twitter history. Pax was very politically incorrect, so there were some skeletons in his history. Pax has been tweeting for years and even joked in his profile that the tweets in "no way were the opinion of his employer, who judiciously kept him far away from the content side of the house". A more self-aware person you may have trouble finding. My guess is Henry had no problem employing Pax, but the moment it *might* get hairy, out the door he went! That hypothesis tells us more about Henry than it does about Pax IMO.

    As a reminder...

    Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: That's not funny!

    At least we know Henry Blodget's perfect record as a human being is still intact.

  3. The truth has become not only un-PC, it has become an automatic Ejector Seat Reservation for those employed by a Corporatocracy.

  4. Yeah really. People need some spine.
    What he said isn't particularly helpful for those people but those circumstances are quite true and he has every right to say it.

    Too bad about the firing over it but the owners call the shots with their business. Oh well. I got fired over speaking my mind too, many years ago. No big deal. Start your own business, then you can say whatever you want. More fun too.

  5. It's time for productive people to abandon the west and go where ability is appreciated. Until then, the blood letting will continue.

  6. Think he should go for the "fat finger" defense - claim the cigar kept hitting the keyboard - all just a technical glitch. Didn't he learn anything covering Wall Street?

    If all else fails lie like a sonofabitch - that even works for the President...