Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Any Large Sellers on Silk Road Should Be Very Nervous"

Far from being an anonymous online operation, it appears that the FBI has been monitoring, for an extended period of time, operations on Silk Road. Unless a user of Silk Road was using extraordinary precautions, most Silk Road users have likely been identified by the FBI.

Were you a user of the exchange and will the FBI come knocking on your door? It just depends how far down the food chain the FBI wants to go. Note: Those who taunted the FBI by sending messages to the FBI  Bitcoin wallet, should consider themselves at the top of the list, if they also used Silk Road for any illegal activities. As I have stated many times since the arrest of Adam Kokesh, it is not a very bright idea to taunt the government directly. As Noam Chomsky put it, "I don't want to speak truth to power, I want to speak truth to the people."

USA Today reports:
Officials say the black market website brokered more than $1 billion in sales before the FBI collared Ulbricht at a public library on Oct. 1. In its complaint, the bureau said it had managed to copy the contents of the site's server — something one expert said would likely provide international authorities with detailed information about the site's dealers.

"Any large sellers on Silk Road should be very nervous," said Nicholas Weaver, a researcher with the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley and the University of California, San Diego.

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  1. Don't cut in on the gov's 2nd prime business (other than war) you serfs.