Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alleged Silk Road Operator to be Transferred to NewYork

Forbes magazine reports on a hearing this morning in San Francisco federal court where alleged Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht appeared:

On Wednesday, Ulbricht, through a public defender, denied all charges in a San Francisco federal court but did verify his real identity. Unshackled and wearing a red Alameda County prison jumpsuit, he constantly looked over the crowd for the few minutes he was in the courtroom before his representative agreed for him to be transferred to New York. Ulbricht can make a request for bail from New York.

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  1. "through a public defender"

    The man was earning hundreds of thousands in BitCoins and he didn't retain a lawyer? I think it's safe to assume he was sampling too many of the products on Silkroad.

    Let me be clear. If you are engaged in black market activities, RETAIN A GOOD LAWYER TODAY. Not tomorrow. Today. In the event that something bad happens, you'll have someone competent on your side, not a PD.