Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chris Matthews Designs a Rand Paul 2016 Presidential Campaign Ad

Note: The Toyota Pirus is driven mostly by wackos on the left and right, who think they are improving the economy by ignoring their fundamental value scales which would cause them to buy a different car.

According to Wikipedia:
The large number of Prius-owning progressive celebrities in 2002 prompted the Washington Post to dub hybrids "Hollywood's latest politically correct status symbol". Conservatives called "Prius Patriots" also drive the cars because they want to contribute to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil.
In July 2007 The New York Times published an article using data from CNW Marketing Research finding that 57% of Prius buyers said their main reason for buying was that "it makes a statement about me", while just 37% cited fuel economy as a prime motivator. Shortly afterwards Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson coined the term "Prius politics" to describe a situation where the driver's desire to "show off" is a stronger motivator than the desire to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Some conservatives promote use of the Toyota Prius and other hybrid cars. For example, Jim Road from What Would Jesus Drive? encouraged people to drive hybrid cars because of the damage that large SUVs and faster cars can do to others.
Bottom line: The Pirus is the ultimate poser's car.  Perfect for Rand.


  1. Yeah, what a poser... kinda like so-called libertarians who endorse candidates for governor even after they call for government bans on consensual sexual acts...

  2. Not a troll, just a one argument pony. Like the guy(s) who keep asking JW the difference between debt and deficit. I prefer more creativity. Anon's pony is: You love Ron Paul. Ron Paul endorsed a homo-phobe. Ron is a poser too!! Or something like that, not sure really. ad nauseam

    1. Actually, I was being a troll... and doing a pretty good job of it if I do say so myself. My problem is not that Ron Paul endorsed a homophobe. My problem is that Ron Paul endorsed a homophobe that wants to use the coercive power of the state to further his homophobia at the expense of individuals. I think that is far more important than the fact that Rand drives a Prius. But please, feel free to tell me why I'm wrong...

    2. I keep asking JW to explain the difference between the debt and the deficit because he conflated the two. If he's going to troll, at least he should be able to understand the basic fundamental difference between the two. If he's going to troll, then I'll troll him right back.