Monday, October 28, 2013

Fake Windows Painted on Low-Cost Chinese Residential Complex Buildings

Qingdao, China,  the Yichang Meijing ["Beautiful Scenery"] Residential Neighborhood located at the intersection of Yichang Road and Xinglong No. 1 Road in Qingdao city’s Shibei district is a low-cost high-rise residential complex. On the walls of three buildings near the Yichang Road side, many “windows” were neatly painted reports China Smack.

A large part of the Chinese economic boom is phony. There are 10s of millions of apartments constructed but unoccupied. These apartments when "completed" boost the GDP number but have little to do with raising the standard of living of the average Chinese. It is part of the crony central planning remains in China. I suspect that most of the unoccupied apartments are built with very poor standards, including poorly equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

(ht Levan Shanidze)


  1. Fake Windows Painted on Low-Cost Chinese Residential Complex Buildings, Paid For With Fake American Debt.

    In the race to claim the newly announced Nobel "Bat Shit Crazy" Prize, it appears to be a tie...

  2. Maybe this is one of the as-yet announced parts of de Blasio's comprehensive housing plan (but would it be considered racially insensitive if he were to suggest erecting them in Chinatown?).

  3. I wonder if the fake windows leak.

  4. Designed by the same people who brought you ObamaCare.

    Not to worry, we've brought in the best experts to get them working. In the mean time if you need some fresh air just dial 1-800-FUC-KYOU, or step outside...

  5. How will they dispose of their garbage?