Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glenn Beck On What the "Ruthless, Ruthless" Mitch McConnell Really Thinks

The very curious Glenn Beck is out with a report on what, Rand Paul's man, Mitch McConnell thinks about Freedomworks and the Senate Conservatives Fund. I am far from a supporter of either of these groups. They leak regularly from  principled libertarian positions, but if what Beck reports is true, you can imagine what McConnell thinks of real libertarians----which makes Rand's support of  McConnell look even more like evil opportunism.

The Blaze writes:
 Glenn Beck on Tuesday revealed the name of a Republican senator who allegedly insinuated that supporters of FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund are traitors to the party: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Beck said he was given the information by someone who is not on his “usual list of friends” and who, if he gave you the name, you would probably not think “he’s on our side.”

The alleged comments were made in a private, off-the-record meeting of Republican senators that reportedly went far beyond politics as usual, and coincide with reports of fierce infighting within the GOP.  The New York Times, for instance, recently published a piece comparing Republican Senators Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Dan Coats, and Mitch McConnell to a “lynch mob” in their questioning of Texas Senator Ted Cruz at a private luncheon.

“This guy is just disgusted by what happened, and is one of those guys who was sitting in this meeting, not saying anything, but watching everybody and — show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” Beck remarked.  “[Thinking], ‘I think my friends are not friends of the republic. Not friends of freedom of speech.

“Here is what happened [at the meeting],” Beck continued. “As they are all standing in there, they are told in not so many words, that they are on the wrong side. That these people have been here for a very long time, and you new senators come in and you think you know it all.  And if anyone is working with the Senate Conservatives Fund or FreedomWorks, you’re a traitor.”

Beck’s co-host Pat Gray asked if “traitor” was the actual word used.

“The actual word used was not ‘traitor,’” Beck said clearly. “They couldn’t remember the actual word, they said, but that’s what everybody heard, and that’s what set this guy off. Because he was like, ‘Yeah, you put ‘em in their place.’ And then when he heard the word, and he doesn’t remember what it was, but he translated it as ‘traitor,’ and he was like, ‘Whoa, that’s a little strong.’”

(ht  Felix Bronstein)


  1. Time for McConnell to go home (to the home?) - his days on the gravy train are over...

  2. I bet Mitch McConnell used the word "turncoats".

  3. The Republican party needs a LOT more "traitors to the party".
    Any decent, smart guy would consider it a compliment.
    Ted Cruz probably feels really offended, though.