Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goldman Sachs Slides Hillary Clinton 400,000 Cool Ones

Hillary Clinton spoke at two separate Goldman Sachs events on the evenings of Thursday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 29. As both Politico and the New York Times report, Clinton’s fee is about $200,000 per speech, meaning she likely netted around $400,000 for her paid gigs at Goldman over the course of six days, reports NRO.

Last Thursday, Clinton spoke for the AIMS Alternative Investment Conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, a closed event exclusively for Goldman clients. AIMS is an annual conference that explores the latest strategies and products available to financial advisers. At the event, Clinton offered what one attendee described to me as “prepared remarks followed by questions.”

On Tuesday, Clinton spoke at the Builders and Innovators Summit, devoted to discussing entrepreneurship and how to help innovators expand and grow their businesses. According to Politico, Clinton conducted a question-and-answer session with Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein.


  1. Her second speech was entitled "How to Grow Your Business while Destroying Everybody Else's"

  2. the Empresses Audience (Collectively, as she's droning on) "sheesh, thank christ we're getting it all back plus more on the back end"

  3. What difference does it make?

  4. Ahhhh, yes, we don't live in a corrupt nation at all. Let the payoffs begin.

  5. But, but she's a Democrat and for the little people. LMFAO. You can bet this will be ignored by the media until someone puts it on the front page and then it will spun perfectly for the low information voter that buys their nonsense, probably wrapped in some promises of free goodies too.

  6. We (meaning people who understand liberty) should require congress to pass a law that simply says "any elected official is prohibited from conducting any business that directly trades on their government service" - you know, like ex-convicts- for a period of 20 years after their term.

    1. Great idea, Rick! I'm usually for repealing laws but that's one I could get behind. I'd actually expand it to include the legions of non-elected officials too.

  7. It's 2017 and Hillary has just been sworn in as President. She's ditched Bill and lives alone in the White House.

    On her first night she is awakened by the ghost of George Washington. She asks: "How can I best serve my country?" George replies: "Never tell a lie." Hillary says: "I don't know about that."

    On her second night she is awakened by the ghost of Thomas Jefferson. She asks: "How can I best serve my country?" Thomas replies: "Listen to the people." Hillary says: "I REALLY don't like that."

    On her third night she is awakened by the ghost of Abe Lincoln. She asks: "How can I best serve my country?" Abe replies: "Go to the theater."

  8. I believe That embedded Hillary Clinton in the White House would be a slightly premature
    end of our Republic. Should you not agree, ask Vince Foster.

  9. probably from her son-in law who works for them