Monday, October 21, 2013

Google Exec: Humans Will Eventually Live Forever and Be Able to Eat All the Junk Food They Want

The Daily Mail reports:

Google engineering director and futurist Ray Kurzweil believes we are close to realizing everlasting life and is dead-set on getting us there.
The inventor and noted author believes the key to such a scientific breakthrough is a system of 'bridges' that enable the body to move from strength to strength over time.

The youthful 65-year-old currently takes 150 supplements a day, which he argues if the first bridge.
The idea is to build enough bridges to ensure the body holds out long enough for life-lengthening technology to come into its own.
He has likened the biology of the body to computer software and believes we are all 'out of date'.

In an interview with Canadian magazine Maclean's, Kurzweil says he hopes the supplements will keep him healthy enough to reach the 'nanotech revolution'.

'I can never say, “I’ve done it, I’ve lived forever,” because it’s never forever,' he said.

'We’re really talking about being on a path that will get us to the next point.

'Bridge one: Stay as healthy as possible with diet and exercise and current medicine.

'The goal is to get to bridge two.

'Bridge two (is) the biotechnology revolution, where we can reprogram biology away from disease.

'And that is not the end-all either.

'Bridge three is to go beyond biology, to the nanotechnology revolution.

'At that point we can have little robots, sometimes called nanobots, that augment your immune system.

'We can create an immune system that recognizes all disease, and if a new disease emerged, it could be reprogrammed to deal with new pathogens.'
Such robots, according to Kurzweil, will help fight diseases, improve health and allow people to remain active for longer.

Biology is a software process,' Kurzweil told Maclean's.

'Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each governed by this process.

'You and I are walking around with outdated software running in our bodies, which evolved in a very different era.
'We each have a fat insulin receptor gene that says, “Hold on to every calorie”.

'That was a very good idea 10,000 years ago, when you worked all day to get a few calories; there were no refrigerators, so you stored them in your fat cells.

'I would like to tell my fat insulin receptor gene, “You don’t need to do that anymore,”.

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  1. Kurzweil is venturing far outside his competency, a conceit typical of successful specialists. His explanation of insulin is naive. Insulin is one of the oldest, most fundamental hormones in biology and you won't improve its utilization by knocking out the genes for its receptors.

    His picture tells a familiar story. Overweight, inflamed, quite possibly hypertensive. Not "youthful" but an average outcome despite throwing money at the problem.

    Biochemistry is more complex than many appreciate and 150 supplements are a poor substitute for proper nutrition and exercise. I hope he will realize this soon and apply his considerable resources more effectively.

  2. Great... so we can spend eternity on this planet with these lunatics? I now have greater appreciation for mortality.

    1. Good you want to stay mortal fine but I want to live forever. And I will you stupid ass.

    2. @BR

      LOL! I can't imagine the number of dimwits who would live forever. That's something out of a horror movie.

  3. Kurzweil is an eternal optimist. Given humanity's track record (the dark ages, the U.S.S.R.'s Great Purge, the Nazi holocaust, Mao's Cultural Revolution), I'm not so sure such advances would be good for everyone.

  4. Ray Kurzweil is mad. Not a mad genius. Just mad. He fails to understand one rather essential point about biology. It's a cycle of life and death, renewal. The cells renews themselves. Part of that cycle is that the scavengers that clean up all the garbage from cellular metabolism as well as the many of the toxins one accumulates in one's body during the day, also create the conditions for diseases to thrive. You cannot reprogram cellular biology away from disease because the disease is the result of a lack of balance in the process of renewal of the body (from providing the necessary 90 plus nutrients that come from proper non-toxic, non-gmo, organic diet) and the process of elimination of debris from cellular renewal.

    That's not going to happen unless you have organic produce that has absorbed the majority if not all the nutrients (including trace nutrients) for a particular vegetable or fruit. This is even needed to produce the high quality supplements that Kurzweil presently enjoys. A number of the main problems of the GMO tainted, tar derived chemical doused joke that passes for agriculture presently is that for 1. Potash doesn't replace the majority of the nutrients that were long sinced absorbed from the soil by the previous harvest of fruits or vegetables, or blown away with the wind or washed away with the rain, 2. Glyphosate is a chelate that binds the majority of the nutrients that normally the body would get from the vegetable or fruit. So when you eat any produced that has used this as a pesticide, you might as well eat plastic since it has little to no nutrients available for your body to absorb. 3. As almost 90% of the produce is tainted with GMO (and the majority of this is corn),the Bt gene burns a whole in your gut leaving individuals exposed to all sorts of diseases since about 80% of your immune response comes from your gastrointestinal tract.

    There's nothing wrong with our biology since if YOU ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS, it's actually quite easy to live a lot longer. Alexia Carrel a nobel prize winning researcher showed this when in the late 19th century, he took a chicken's heart and kept it in a solution consisting of all the nutrients required for the continuing renewal of the heart cells AND KEPT THE HEART ALIVE FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS ONLY DECIDING AT THAT TIME TO STOP THE EXPERIMENT.

    1. No you're the one who's mad but that's okay because you like most white people got this whole world fucked up. But none of you think so you all think you're so perfect and so clean and pure and everybody who is of other races are dirty, ugly and treated like animals. You all think you got this whole world fooled but sorry to say that you don't.

  5. People who think and talk this way need to read THE ABOLITION OF MAN by C.S. Lewis. But of course since they're so smart and sciencey, they won't -- and will dismiss any such suggestion as ignorant superstition.

  6. Not sure if anyone here has seen the show Revolution on NBC, but it talks exactly about nanotechnology albeit in a sci-fi way.

    The nanotech is found to have superior healing powers amongst other things.

    Again, there's a sci-fi angle to it but it goes to show this is something that will be talked about in the coming years

  7. He apparently thinks that evolutionary adaptions can take place in one lifetime or even a single generation ... I think not. Face it Ray, your time is running short. You'll be long gone before any of your optimist dreams come to usable fruition.

    Epigenetics is surely an interesting field, but it is still in its ultimate infancy. Considering that we're still at about age 3 in terms of genetic science, that makes epigenetics (i.e. writing code into the established program) still at zero hour, and most of this knowledge is entirely based upon code that was written hundreds of thousand or millions of years ago, yet mankind is still struggling to interpret this code at its most basic fundamentals.

  8. Ray has never read Bruce Lipton's "Biology of Belief." Or anything by cancer surgeon Bernie Siegel, like "Love Medicine and Miracles." He is also completely unaware that he is a soul, not the body he is currently piloting. Don't be like Ray.

  9. Oh GREAT!

    We will spend eternity eating crap. I always thought that was one of the punishments of hell...

    [Is it just me, or is this guy seriously lost his way?]

  10. Everybody who says you can't live forever is obviously so closed minded I couldn't bust your brains open with dynomite . Who do you think you are putting limits on people's lives? You want to die that's exactly what's going to happen.I want to live forever.

    1. You choose to live forever because you're obviously financially well off and apparently heathly, but what if you weren't any off those? Would your view of living forever remain the same, not to mention what makes you believe they would even share this technology with you?

  11. People who feel along with talk this way must browse the ABOLITION INVOLVING GUY by means of C. Azines. Lewis. However obviously because they're and so intelligent along with sciencey, they won't -- and may write off these advice since uninformed superstition.
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