Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Murray Rothbard Became a Libertarian

Find the time to watch this.

In this talk, given at the 1981 National Libertarian Party Convention, Murray Rothbard tells the story of how he came to learn about economics and libertarianism as he grew up in NYC and attended Columbia University in the 1930s and 40s. He reminisces about meeting Frank Chodorov, Baldy Harper, George Stigler, and Ludwig von Mises, and takes a number of audience questions.


  1. Who is the woman who introduces Rothbard?

    1. Wonder if she agrees with this idiotic rant (Murray is oppressed by woman's lib)

      Against Women’s Lib

    2. A candidate for the woman who introduces Rothbard is Emily Rosenberg.

      Though not very clear, in the video clip the woman is addressed as "Emil" or "Emily."

      An Emily Rosenberg has a connection with Rothbard. She wrote "Foundations of United States International Financial Power: Gold Standard Diplomacy, 1900 - 1905." This article was published in 1985 in The Business History Review
      and was cited by Rothbard in a footnote in his _History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Period to World War II_, p220.

      The UC Irvine faculty profile of an Emily Rosenberg shows a woman of the right age and the right physical appearance of a woman 30 yrs older than the woman who introduced Rothbard. Though Rothbard isn't mentioned in her profile, she's written about the right sort of topics.

  2. @55:45 audience member asks for the Rothbardian stance on patents and copyrights.

    Wenzel - care to reply?

    1. Could we please have an amicable exchange on IP without the rancor that destroyed the Kinsella/Wenzel slugfest. Block and Wenzel, perhaps? Please let logic predominate this time.