Saturday, October 26, 2013

How Obama Got a Reputation for 'Brilliance' at Columbia and Harvard


  1. Reminds me of every Harvard commencement address as well.

  2. It's so very freaky how Obomba's grades, term papers, and everything about his time in school is locked up tighter than Fort Knocks.
    What's even more freaky, is how so very few people think it's no big deal.

  3. Some say that Obama never attended Columbia. When they went looking for people who remembered him, none could be found. Others went looking for transcripts and found none. An inquiring mind asks, Did President Obama ever attend Columbia?

  4. It's pretty clear that everything about the President is a charade. None of his past, accomplishments, or documents pass the smell test. In the end when the dirty laundry and scaming are revealed, there will be hell to pay...

    1. If anyone says anything to unhelpful to the Obama regime do the 'moderators refuse to let it be seen?

  5. A certain eugenicidal maniac, of bourgeois stock, born Vladimir Iliyich Ulyanov, was once asked "how does one defeat a citadel? " History books record that the reply was "From the inside" America is presently misruled by a third generation Marxist of non Christian upbringing whose entitlement to be in control seems to have been built on sandy ground. Taking into consideration the eugenicidal appetite and larcenous confiscatory instinct of disaffected populist movements throughout history wouldn't it be wisest of all to eat all your food stores, spend all your money and melt away? Knowledge is the penultimate currency. When the next Ice Age strikes the social clampdowns imposed by the regime might be startlingly quick and lead to the need to move unhindered across and through unfriendly terrains.My point being, avoid possessing 'bandit magnets'.