Sunday, October 6, 2013

IT Experts: Obamacare Website Is Designed To Attack Itself

By Sharon Begley

Days after the launch of the federal government's Obamacare website, millions of Americans looking for information on new health insurance plans were still locked out of the system even though its designers scrambled to add capacity.

Government officials blame the persistent glitches on an overwhelming crush of users - 8.6 million unique visitors by Friday - trying to visit the website this week.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversaw development of the site, declined to make any of its IT experts available for interviews. CGI Group Inc, the Canadian contractor that built, is "declining to comment at this time," said spokeswoman Linda Odorisio.

Five outside technology experts interviewed by Reuters, however, say they believe flaws in system architecture, not traffic alone, contributed to the problems.

For instance, when a user tries to create an account on, which serves insurance exchanges in 36 states, it prompts the computer to load an unusually large amount of files and software, overwhelming the browser, experts said.

If they are right, then just bringing more servers online, as officials say they are doing, will not fix the site.

"Adding capacity sounds great until you realize that if you didn't design it right that won't help," said Bill Curtis, chief scientist at CAST, a software quality analysis firm, and director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality. "The architecture of the software may limit how much you can add on to it. I suspect they'll have to reconfigure a lot of it."

The online exchanges were launched on October 1 under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, to offer healthcare insurance plans to millions of uninsured Americans.


One possible cause of the problems is that hitting "apply" on causes 92 separate files, plug-ins and other mammoth swarms of data to stream between the user's computer and the servers powering the government website, said Matthew Hancock, an independent expert in website design. He was able to track the files being requested through a feature in the Firefox browser.

Of the 92 he found, 56 were JavaScript files, including plug-ins that make it easier for code to work on multiple browsers (such as Microsoft Corp's Internet Explorer and Google Inc's Chrome) and let users upload files to

It is not clear why the upload function was included.

"They set up the website in such a way that too many requests to the server arrived at the same time," Hancock said.

He said because so much traffic was going back and forth between the users' computers and the server hosting the government website, it was as if the system was attacking itself.

Hancock described the situation as similar to what happens when hackers conduct a distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack on a website: they get large numbers of computers to simultaneously request information from the server that runs a website, overwhelming it and causing it to crash or otherwise stumble. "The site basically DDOS'd itself," he said.

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  1. One would think that the Obama administration would have made sure that the system was as flawless as possible so that they could "prove" rob the republicans that Obamacare will work instead, in the supreme arrogance that we've become accustomed to, they roll out a piece of crap and then refuse to take responsibility for their failure.
    In short, they've proven that the anti-Obamacare people hit the nail on the end. This is a complete f-ing debacle. And it will only get worse.

  2. The health care is faulty and we wonder why the system is faulty too? Its logic. Faulty. faukty. faulty. And it wont get better thats for sure.


    1. the system is not faulty just the website. Big deal. Im sure the website will be fixed. It happens even to the best of businesses. Sometimes in design things dont work

  3. We should expect nothing more than the sh¡t that BEE OH has been shoveling down our throats since day one. Expectation of anything remotely resembling decent or good for people is setting oneself up for certain disappointment.

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