Friday, October 18, 2013

Jesse Ventura: Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Not Be Allowed to Run for President of the United States

I just finished an interview with Jesse Ventura for my Robert Wenzel Show. It will be posted here on EPJ at 7:00 AM ET on Sunday.

Jesse Ventura
Arnold Schwarzenegger
During the interview, I discuss with Ventura his new book, They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK. I also asked him about his former comrade in pro-wrestling. Glenn "Kane" Jacobs, as a political candidate. And I also raised a question about Arnold Schwarzenegger attemptin to change the laws to become a presidential candidate. Ventura told me that because Schwarzenegger was born in Austria and because he took an oath to the Austrian military, there is no way the Constitution allows for him to run for president of the United States. Ventura told me that it would be further evidence that the Constitution doesn't mean anything, anymore if the rules are changed to allow Schwarzenegger to run.  

Find out what Glenn Jacobs did the first time he met Ventura and what book Ventura promised me he would read, that I recommended to him during the interview. And also find out what Ventura had to say about Edward Snowden. It's all coming up, this Sunday, here at EPJ.


  1. Jesse was my favorite wrestling heel growing up as a kid. He also did some of the funniest color commentary I ever heard in wrestling when he retired from the ring. I look forward to the interview.

  2. Very cool, for a few reasons, looking forward to it.

  3. Snoopy for presidente would do just as well.........the puppet masters remain the same.

  4. Schwarzenegger is NOT eligible. They can pass all the petitions around they want, but it is illegal and he will NOT run. He and they WILL be sued. Arnold was born near Graz Austria. His father was a member of the nazi party. How much influence do you want of this foreign mess? Look what Obama, another ineligible has done. Their thinking is NOT right when they make decisions. Besides that Obama is now cheering the enemy on by aiding and abetting them. Keep them out of our Presidency and make sure people are eligible when they run. Had this been done with Obama we would not be facing the crisis we are facing with this enemy from within.

  5. While i like Ventura, i don't think he really gets libertarianism (or considers himself one if he does get it).
    He claimed he would need Howard Stern as running mate, but Stern is an complete ignoramus when it comes to politics. He sympathized with, supported or endorsed Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul at about the same time and ended up voting for Barack Obama. Can you be any more incoherent, irrational and/or disingenuous? At his most emotional, Stern can be a vile warmongerer. He is egalitarian and believes the New York Times is a great newspaper.
    Aside from believing the two party system is corrupt, does Jesse Ventura himself have a coherent political vision that isn't all over the map? I wonder.