Monday, October 7, 2013

More Evidence That the Campaign For Liberty Email List Has Gotten Far Beyond the Control of Ron Paul

An EPJ reader emails:

In reference to your article last week about Virginia libertarians receiving Republican Party campaign emails, please see the email below. I think it sums up pretty good where they are getting the contact information from. It's sad to see but not surprising at this point that Campaign For Liberty has sold us out supporting a hack like Cuccinelli.

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Begin forwarded message:
From: Donna Holt, former State Director, VA Campaign for Liberty <>
Date: October 7, 2013 at 3:45:31 PM EDT
Subject: Urgent Message from Donna Holt
Reply-To: Donna Holt, former State Director, VA Campaign for Liberty <>
Donna Holt
former VA State Director
Campaign for Liberty
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Dear Friend of Liberty,

I realize you haven’t heard from me in a while.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

I have been suffering from a severe illness that has me home-bound and in bed much of the time.

But this election in Virginia is SO critically important I made myself get out of bed to write you !

Our liberties in Virginia are very much at stake in the Nov 5th Election !

Ken Cuccinelli -- who has fought and bled for us on so many battles for our liberties -- is in the fight of his political life in the race for Governor.   A [sic] Governor Ken Cuccinelli would allow us to go on offense rolling back government, and restoring our God-given liberties.

That’s why his two opponents and their liberal supporters are doing all they can to stop him.

Ken doesn’t just support our liberty-agenda – he fights and leads for it.

Ken was the first to launch a federal lawsuit against the unconstitutional individual mandate in ObamaCare.  He’s successfully fought and beaten the job-killing EPA in Virginia Courts.  He was a leader in securing a Virginia Constitutional Amendment strengthening our property rights, banning Kelo-style eminent domain powers of local and state governments.  Ken also led in the successful efforts to achieve the voter ID laws in Virginia to prevent voter fraud.  Ken opposed the McDonnell tax hikes for transportation.  I could go on and on about his proven record of leadership on our issues ….

As Governor, Ken has a liberty-focused agenda to empower Virginians from day one.  He proposes to cut Virginia taxes some $1.4B, to free the private sector to add jobs, and to give parents greater freedom in the education of their children.   He will veto any attempt to weaken our gun-rights or right to work.  He will sign legislation advancing our liberty agenda in VA.

But Ken’s opponents would be a DISASTER for our liberty-movement.

Terry McAuliffe – a Clinton-Obama backer – has a scary big-Government agenda for Virginia, designed to import Washington-style policies to Richmond. McAuliffe has threatened to shut-down state government if we don’t EXPAND ObamaCare by spending an additional $3B per year on Medicaid expansion.

McAuliffe will shut down Virginia’s coal industry, throwing thousands out of work and driving up our electricity and energy prices.

McAuliffe has promised every special interest group imaginable billions in additional spending – and will definitely raise your taxes to pay for it.

At a recent debate, McAuliffe said he would support various gun-control measures infringing on your 2nd Amendment rights – including an assault weapons ban, magazine limitations, one handgun a month restrictions, and universal background checks.

And this says nothing of the personal scandals involving McAuliffe and his business dealings, or his lead role renting out the White House Lincoln bedroom for political contributions.  One can only imagine how he’ll use the Governor’s Mansion to raise tens of millions for Democrats against liberty-minded candidates in future Virginia elections.

Ken’s independent opponent, the Libertarian candidate, is a self-described “moderate” who admits he has almost no chance of winning the race.  In addition to pushing a very liberal social agenda on us, he is serving as a “spoiler” in race, trying to siphon off just enough votes from Ken to give McAuliffe the election.

I know this isn’t a Presidential Year and neither Ron Paul or Rand Paul is on the ballot.

But the fight for liberty in Virginia IS definitely on the ballot this November 5th !

That is why Rand Paul and I have both endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

I need your help more than ever in the fight for Liberty in Virginia.


  1. I have sent multiple request to both CFL and the local chapter to stop sending me e-mails, have unsubscribed numerous times from all, but only end up getting more and more spam from them.

    1. Ditto here...since changing to gmail their spam filters have done a pretty good job of catching their bullshit.

  2. If you really and truly are a supporter of liberty for all, you would vote Robert Sarvis. Voting for Kookinelli or McAwful is just going to make the state worse.

    1. I read an interview with Sarvis on Reason and was not impressed at all.
      He studied economics at George Mason and what a surprise, does not support Austrian economics.
      Furthermore, on his web page i read:

      - He thinks teachers are "overworked and underpaid; He supports school vouchers;
      - Proposes a uniform "consumption tax"
      - Support same sex marriage under the law (as opposed to taking marriage out of the state)
      - Enabling addicts to get the help they need (who's going to pay?)
      - Closing racial disparities and education gaps (How? And who's going to pay?)
      - About taxes he says:
      The tax system should be EFFICIENT, minimally intrusive, and APPLIED EQUALLY to all.
      End favoritism of particular interest groups, industries, and activities.
      Lower tax rates using the savings from CLOSING LOOPHOLES.
      REFORM the property tax.
      (emphasis added by me; note the typical faux-libertarian weasel words)

      Sarvis is just another run of the mill, milquetoast beltarian type, who wants to "reform" instead of abolish. He wants to make government more efficient.
      In the past, he would be the type to say "let's reform slavery", not "let's abolish slavery".
      You either see the state as evil, or you don't. Sarvis doesn't.

      True supporters of liberty would NOT vote for Sarvis.

    2. Then what do you suggest we do Tony, sit it out this time or write-in "None of the above?"

    3. Ok Tony, who should true supporters of liberty in Virginia write-in for Governor instead? Otherwise, I'm sticking with Sarvis, no matter how "beltarian" you think he is.

  3. I used to get a lot of this idiotic conservative spam (first Rand, then others) after signing up with Ron Paul a while back. I unsubscribed from all of it and fortunately haven't seen any recently.

    Can someone tell me what's up with that silly monospace font they always use?

  4. Nope... still voting for Sarvis.