Sunday, October 20, 2013

Note to Bloggers: China Is Not a Safe Haven

Reuters reports on the sad facts:
A liberal Chinese economist who had been an outspoken critic of China's ruling Communist Party has been expelled from the elite Peking University, amid a broader crackdown on dissent.

Professor Xia Yeliang, 53, had drawn the ire of school officials for his blog posts calling for democratic reforms and rule of law in China. Xia said he was told on Friday that professors and school leaders had voted to end his contract.

Chinese liberals and intellectuals had hoped the new government under President Xi Jinping that took over in March would be more tolerant of calls for reform but it appears authorities won't tolerate any challenge to their rule.

Journalists, lawyers and rights activists have been detained and arrested in recent months.

"They insisted that it was not a political decision, but I believe it is," Xia told Reuters by telephone. "They told me if I keep telling people it is a political issue, then my situation will get worse. They think I have damaged the image of the school of economics and Peking University."
If I was Xia, instead of talking to Reuters, I would be planning an exit from China. Governments always pick targets, in China,they especially target the outspoken bloggers.  Get out Xia.

As for Xia's call for democratic reforms, he needs to read Hoppe Rothbard, Nock, Spooner and yes, H.L. Mencken, on the failures of democracy.

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