Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obamacare Computer Code Riddled With Typos, Latin Filler Text, Desperate Programmer Comments and Disastrous Architecture

By Mike Adams

If I had told you one month ago that ten days into the launch of Obamacare not a single person could be confirmed to have successfully enrolled, you would have called me a lunatic. And yet, here we are, tens days into the launch, and guess what? The White House cannot produce a single person who has successfully enrolled through the federally-run exchange

Not one.

The real story on the catastrophic IT disaster known as is only now beginning to be recognized by the nation. As a person with a strong IT background running large R&D projects, I was among the very first to claim that is not just broken, it's DOA because of critical design failures.

It's not merely a "glitch." It's way beyond a SNAFU. This is the defining failure moment of the delusional thinking of democrats and their fantasyland government-centralized economy.

Even ABC News is now calling, "nothing short of disastrous," adding, "Media outlets have struggled to find anyone who has been successful."

I have personally looked at the Javascript code running part of the website. If you are curious how I got the code, I simply typed the URL of the Javascript code into the browser address field. The browser then pulls up the entire code block, because Javascript is client-side code (not server-side).

What I am seeing in this code is nothing short of jaw-dropping. As people are now saying, this code is "CRAAAAAZY!" You almost can't even call it Javascript code. If you sat down 100 monkeys in front of 100 typewriters and told them to start banging away, I'm confident at least one of them would come up with something far better than the Javascript code.

In fact, I am practically ROFLMAO just looking at this code. Any competent programmer in the world, upon seeing this, would just burst their britches in knowing the U.S. government spent $600+ million dollars on this project. Inside the code, the Javascript programmer comments are just off-the-charts hilarious.[...]

 Laughably, the application code is also riddled with Latin used as filler text. For example, one line of code actually says:

resources[''] = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.'

Latin is used by programmers as filler / placeholder text for unfinished applications. The fact that this Latin is found in the code is yet more proof that the entire system never even entered Alpha testing, much less Beta testing or an official release. This is pre-alpha code requiring possible YEARS of development for final release.[...]

I assure you this system has zero chance of smoothly functioning by January 1, 2014. And that means a massive public backlash is on the way. As the truth comes out on this, the Obama administration is going to be embarrassed like nothing else we've ever seen in the history of government. This failure is so monumental, so critical, and so disastrous that it discredits not just Obama but the entire socialist fantasy of government-run, centrally-planned economies. is the ultimate argument for a free market run without government interference. It epitomizes the incompetence of Washington D.C. like nothing else in history.

Read the full report here.


  1. That would be soooooo hilarious. These mindless fuckwad socialists always look to the most wasteful institution in all of human history as their god. EVERYTHING they do turns into a disaster but you still have the dumbest of creatures who actually think government is some great savior. ROTFLMAO!!

    Why in the fuck are their actually people who believe government does anything more than waste and destroy? Are they THAT THICK and THAT completely stupid? I mean, how much more evidence do you shitheads need, eh? What's it going to take to get through to you idiots?

    Stupid is as stupid does. LOL!

  2. Unfortunately, I think you're too optimistic about the outcome of this screw-up. Socialists are never discredited, don't you know? Even their worst failures are always the excuse for even more socialism.

  3. yep, it failed because you made us partner with evil insurance, so the only answer is to redo ti with single payer.

    1. R.pervert-

      So, giving the government MORE power would make it better?

      Plus, capitalization and correct punctuation are necessary if you want to persuade intelligent people. Too bad government skoolin' has destroyed your ability to spell AND reason. Sad!!!

    2. I believe he was being facetious :-)

    3. LOL! Yup. "Well, it's just not ENOUGH government". LOL!!
      Just like Keynesians, "Well, we're just not printing enough money".
      Just like a cocaine addict, "Well, we're just not snorting enough cocaine".

      Damn you statists are so fucking superstitious. LOL!! Stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Yep, The only reason this failed is you made us work with evil insurance company's, so we need a do-over with single payer as the only next step allowed.

  5. You are aware that was designed and built by contracted private companies, right? Not the government. I wonder what that says about private businesses....

    1. It doesn't say a god-damned thing about capitalism you fucktard. If you hire an incompetent contractor to build your house, who is to blame? It’s called due diligence, asshat. Google it!

    2. More than likely the Govt chose a no-contract lowball bid from Pelosi's nephew. More graft from our "transparent" Obama administration. They always pick losers based on political considerations...never based on experience & competence.

    3. I worked in private sector IT. They were *beyond* horrible. 70% turnover, no one knew how the code worked, a couple of bullies ruled and would not allow ANY code to get through and in fact they fought with each other and could not reach consensus so even their own code did not make it through. The managers were stupid and had no clue what was going on. Please do not believe that just because it is private sector it is good. Both government and private have their good and bad departments; it really depends on who is managing rather than if it is private or public sector.

  6. Here is the code for the site:

    Can you cite file names and line numbers of the issues you found?

    1. FYI bud,
      Your open source link is bs. That file is minified so you cannot provide line numbers. search for the phrase "" you'll find the latin. Also, I'm a web developer with 15+ years of back end and front end experience. This code is trash for the throughput required. It was amateur hour...