Friday, October 25, 2013

Obamacare Polygamy

Ezra Klein on the reports insurance firms are receiving out of the Obamacare web site:
The insurance problems are seen by the insurance companies. Health plans are supposed to get a report when someone uses to buy their health insurance policy. Those reports are full of inaccurate data, such as the wrong address, or are being sent in duplicate. (One insurance company reported getting one of these reports, known as an “834 transmission,” that said one individual had three spouses. This person was not, for the record, a polygamist.) And it's not just private insurers: The federal system is also failing to sign people up for Medicaid.


  1. The data cleanup is going to be massive if this part isn't fixed before the website is. The insurance companies I work with are very concerned.

  2. In other words, some crony contractor subbed out the ANSI X12 coding to some incompetent along the same lines as the Java subs.

  3. Don't the Democrats know that the ACA is the "law of the land". They just told everybody it cannot be delayed. Just wait till you see the doctor waiting rooms in a few years. THe web site explains some pretty grim outlooks for the future.