Friday, October 11, 2013

OMG, GOP "Compromise"in Debt and Spending Impasses

Breitbart reports:

1. The debt ceiling will be raised for six weeks.

2. Reopen full government spending through December 15th.

3. Fund Obamacare.

4. And reverse some of the across-the-board "sequester" cuts.

5. Boehner gets to keep his underwear.


  1. Nice summary, RW, but it is not clear Obama let Boehner keep his underwear.

  2. Is anyone surprised?

    This is political theater. Nothing more.

  3. Oh yes, he let him keep it, unlaundered.

  4. I'm now more proud than ever to say I've never been a Republican.
    Cue Dandy Don: "Turn out the lights, the party's over..."

  5. Actually they are O's underwear, and they have been hand washed, pressed, folded, and gift wrapped, as commanded. Did you ever think there could be any other outcome?

    Silly rabbit. Trix are for politicians.

  6. So the Republicans folded on every item, plus they gave up room on the sequester cuts.

  7. The GOP never really wanted to do those things anyway. It was just a way to try to attract voters. When that tactic utterly failed, they went right back to what they really DO want: grow the state.
    You could call it stupidity or outright cowardice, but i know enough by now to know that like another commenter said, it's just political theater.