Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rand Paul: Screw the Tax Paying Public for the Benefit of the Banksters and the Military

In a radio interview airing Sunday night, Sen. Rand Paul suggested adding changes to Social Security and Medicare into the debt ceiling debate. “Rising the age on social security gradually a couple months a year for younger people is a way to fix the imbalance,” he said, reports BuzzFeed.

“I am worried about a government that borrows over a million dollars every minute. And so I think there needs to be some structural reform of our spending or we shouldn’t raise the debt ceiling,” Paul told WABC’s Aaron Klein in an interview airing Sunday night, and shared with BuzzFeed. “And rising [sic] the age on social security gradually a couple months a year for younger people is a way to fix the imbalance. It ought to be done probably for Social Security and for Medicare.”

“The one thing we shouldn’t do is we shouldn’t scare people or scare the market place. So I think the president is wrong when he talks casually about default and thinks that we would default,” Paul said.

All government needs to be cut, but if it is going to be prioritized, the military,the DEA and NSA should be among the first areas to be cut. The tax paying public, which gets screwed by SS taxes, should be one of the last sectors to see cuts. And as far as, the debt ceiling, why should we raise that and put more of a burden on the general public? Let the banksters and others who own the Treasury securities take the hit. Note, when Rand says we shouldn't "scare the market place," he is talking code, he really means protect the banksters.


  1. Agreed--this is terrible politics and terrible thinking.

    At best, the Republicans take the political hit, and accomplish nothing.

  2. If Rand is talking he is either lying or saying something stupid.

    Raising the age for Medicare increases Medicare spending since sick seniors delay treatment and then are in worse shape when they qualify.

    Obama never talked "casually" about default or said we should default. In 2006, he did not vote to raise the debt ceiling but never said we should default. The GOP had the votes to raise the debt ceiling and his vote was merely a political statement. As president, he has asked to raise the debt ceiling and if anything exaggerated the consequence of not raising the debt ceiling.

    So in a short quote we have one stupid statement and one blatant lie.

    1. Rand Paul 2016.

    2. Hey, have you figured out the difference between the debt and the deficit yet?

    3. More political spin from jerry. Obama voted for default, according to himself. If Obama had his way when he was a senator we would have defaulted. Stop spinning. Its so obvious what a hypocrite Obama has been over this.

  3. It doesn't matter. Default is going to happen sooner or later. Whether Barry is President or someone else. But it's going to happen. The only option is to prepare.

  4. “Rising the age on social security gradually a couple months a year for younger people is a way to fix the imbalance”

    Translation: We need to take more, over a longer period of time, and give you less, for a shorter period of time.

    [... and politicians wonder why we hold them in such low esteem. Scumbags one and all.]

  5. Rand voted against the budget deal. He did not screw the taxpayers.