Thursday, October 10, 2013

ROFL Obamacare Enrollees Must Reset Their Passwords

CNN reports:
Anyone who has signed up to enroll in Obamacare on is being told that their password must be reset.

"All passwords were deleted for existing accounts as part of the upgrade process," a call center representative told CNN's Elizabeth Cohen Thursday morning. The representative said everyone must call in to reset their password; it cannot be done online.


  1. Sometimes I have to do this on private accounts after I just set mine up due to some glitch in their programming, but this, usually, can be done online. That all by itself is a pain but to call in... This whole thing is a joke. At least now people will get to see what government really is. A big waste of money. But, yeah I'm laughing hard too.

  2. We need a government reset. Shut it down (not the fake shut down over the last week). Just start over.

  3. Good think I wasn't dumb enough to create an account in the first place. XD