Friday, October 4, 2013

Ross Ulbricht Bail Hearing Moved to October 9

The bail hearing for accused Silk Road operator, Ross Ulbricht, originally scheduled for today has been changed to October 9.

According to the BBC, Ulbricht appeared in a San Francisco court on Friday wearing a green T-shirt under red jail clothes and had his ankles shackled.

The request from his legal team for his bail hearing to be pushed back was granted.

Not a good sign for the possibility of Ulbricht getting bail was that Federal magistrate Joseph Spero asked Ulbricht's lawyer Brandon LeBlanc whether seeing the criminal indictment that included a murder-for-hire charge had "changed his calculus" on whether he thought Ulbricht should be granted bail.

"We deny all charges and that is the end of the discussion at this point," Ulbricht's lawyer told reporters.

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