Thursday, October 17, 2013

San Francisco's Union Square Evacuated

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
San Francisco police evacuated Union Square just before noon Thursday after an officer found a suspicious device, police said.

The officer found a suspicious package on the Stockton Street side of the park at 11:47 a.m., said Officer Albie Esparza, a police spokesman.

Police evacuated "the whole, entire square" and issued a shelter-in-place order for nearby businesses, Esparza said. The bomb squad was examining the package at 1 p.m.

Cable car service was stopped, and streets bordering the square were closed. Stockton Street was also shut down to O'Farrell Street.

Esparza said police had no estimated reopening time for the square.


Vehicle traffic and cable car service has been halted in the area:

A little late, but the canines have arrived:

Union Square is in the heart of the shopping district. It is surrounded by, among others,Tiffany's, Neiman Marcus and Macy's.


Drama over, all clear given.


  1. I think someone who invests in a donuts and dogbone franchise would be rich.
    The ever increasing K-9 corps in America would have somewhere to go.

    1. That is not a good business idea. Cops don't like to pay for their donuts.

  2. What?.....false alarm?

    What a shock!

    More conditioning for the stupid masses. See something, say something......just dumb.


  3. The suspicious package could be used as a method of civil disobedience.