Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seattle Mayor Says He Would Support Minimum Wage Above $15

AP via HuffPo:
The idea of a $15 minimum wage continues to build momentum in the Seattle area, with Mayor Mike McGinn saying he would support an effort to set the standard even higher.

In an interview with The Associated Press, McGinn said he thought $15 was a "fair starting point" for the minimum wage discussion. He cautioned that the issue was best handled legislatively and that the actual number would be determined by city councilmembers.

"If the council proposed a higher number, I'd support that," said McGinn, who is seeking re-election next month.

He added later: "I would expect that, if re-elected, we would put together a coalition to figure out how far we could go on the minimum wage."
I wonder what the Mayor would think of my "2+2=4" talk.


  1. Consequences? What consequences?

  2. "the actual number would be determined by city council members." As all numbers should be.

  3. I’m becoming a believer in de-evolution. Man is getting stupider. Before long we may find ourselves hairier and living in trees.... oh, but we'll probably have a meaningless minimum wage of $10,000 per hour at the time.

    1. "Oook oook!"

      Mike McGinn

    2. You can thank the government schools for that. They create an endless supply of mindless drones.

  4. Why does Mike McGinn hate poor people? The minimum wage should be $500 per hour. That way everybody would make a million dollars per year.

    What a cheapskate McGinn is!

  5. Why stop @ $15/hour. Why not $100 or more? Than all of Seattle can be rich!