Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Apartment in NYC that $10 Million Gets You

This is the East 52nd street apartment in Manhattan that Uma Thtrman just purchased.

Uma Thurman has bought the iconic, $10 million Manhattan apartment owned by best-selling novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford and her filmmaker husband, Robert, reports NyPo. 

In previous years, movie stars and the upper echelon of New York society clamored for entry into River House, a so-called “grand dame of Manhattan real estate.” It was so elite that the co-op board famously refused actresses and socialites including Diane Keaton and Gloria Vanderbilt.

According to NyPo, it was said that the neon Pepsi sign visible to River House residents across the East River was commissioned by screen legend Joan Crawford, who was married to Pepsi’s chief executive, in a fit of pique after the co-op board vetoed her application.

Bradford  has written 29 books, including the classic “A Woman of Substance.” Here she gives a tour of the 13-room apartment:


  1. Proof positive that in New York, even Art Deco can come to a miserable end.
    I's ART DECO and...oh, never mind.

    Let the Plagues begin. We freakin' deserve it.

    Art Deco. It's...


  2. All that money and zero taste. Just buy stuff 'cause someone says, "It's important."

    My God how utterly, irrevocably, ashamedly, mind numbingly sad. The plagues HAVE begun. Babies are dying for lack of a crust of bread.

    Sleep well, my chIldren...