Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tickets for Tonight's World Series Game Start at $1,000 for the Standing-Room Only Sections

The cheapest tickets for the game on the online ticket exchange Stubhub as of Wednesday morning were $948 each—for a standing-room only section of the historic ballpark.

But even standing-room only tickets akso crossed the $1,000 barrier.

Want to sit down? Here are your choices:

Chart via CNBC


  1. Why is this Bernanke's money printing programs fault? Shouldn't it be rational to think that for events of this caliber, when there is a very high demand and short supply, prices of tickets skyrocket?? Such as when hurricane Sandy disrupted fuel and gas spiked up due to high demand and short supply.

    It seems dishonest from you Mr. Wenzel to blame every single price increase on Bernanke.

  2. Or watch it on TV - FOR FREE!!!

    There truly is "one born every minute..."

  3. Wow, my boss flew from Wisconsin to go to this game. Time to ask for a raise.