Sunday, October 20, 2013

Today on The Robert Wenzel Show: Jesse Ventura and The Conspiracy To Kill JFK

This Week's Guest
Jesse Ventura
On his new book: They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK



  1. Just as i figured. Ventura is not a libertarian. While he may have some sympathies with libertarians, he believes in "serving" and spreads the hoary old garbage about a society without government being "chaos".
    Are we supposed to believe he can achieve somehow what even Thomas Jefferson couldn't?
    It's a shame that millennia of evidence to the contrary, Ventura still believes government is not only necessary but capable of good.

    1. The only reason Jefferson couldn't achieve a government with minimum chaos (a government completely without chaos is absurd a goal as a big corporation without chaos. They are both huge bureaucratic institutions run by humans who, by and large, tend to pursuit their own self interests) was that government is allowed to borrow money, and therefore be controlled by unelectable bankers. Jefferson wanted to pass an Amendment to undo Article 1, Section 8, Clause 2. While we still have some semblance of a Republic, we can still pass such an amendment. Once we are able to, as William Jennings Bryan said, "get the banks out of the governing business," then We The People will be the government without exception. You only have two choices: Rule by We The People, or rule by the rich. Government is all we have.

    2. Your last three sentences alone are full of conceptual flaws and contradictions.
      For one thing, there is no such thing as "we the people" in politics. One group wins, another group loses. Therefor "we the people" cannot rule.
      EVERYONE should get out of the governing business. Why the hell should i care if a rich guy or a poor guy is trying to impose his rules on me? Government is rule by violence, and the pistol shoots bullets from guns with rich as well as poor fingers on triggers.

    3. You seem to be making Ventura's case that many libertarians don't believe in government and in an organized society you need government. We're a society of nearly a quarter billion people. You guys think we can support this civilization without government? I don't think you're being realistic. I think you're being ideological. There's a big difference. I think the best we can get is constitutional government and we haven't seen that in any of our lifetimes.

    4. "I think the best we can get is constitutional government and we haven't seen that in any of our lifetimes."

      Thank you for proving my point.
      The best kind of government we could get is constitutional government, and even that is a pipedream.
      Why? Because government cannot be limited. It is a monopoly of violence. It attracts power mad narcissistic sociopaths who serve their own interests and those of their friends. The only natural development is for it to expand. You are claiming something is "necessary" that in its very core is immoral, unnecessary, violent, expansionist, and corrupt. The very origin of the state is based on war and conquest, and on subsequent exploitation of the productive. Your belief in the necessity of government is based on propaganda and indoctrination. Maybe your belief in government is actually ideological itself (maybe you just like government because it can used to create your desired type of society by coercion), but you will know that best.
      The fact is, government is NOT supporting this civilization, because government has no money of its own. It robs it from the people, and uses the people's money. WE ALREADY ARE SUPPORTING THIS CIVILIZATION, in so far as OUR money is actually used for meaningful, useful things. Most of it is washed down the drain on wasteful, completely unnecessary and/or immoral programs. Imagine what could be done for civilization if that money was actually used by the people for productive ends.
      Make no mistake, i am being realistic but also ideological. I am also being moral, and what many people call being "realistic" in their belief in the government is in reality simply being immoral, because they see no moral or ethical problem in the very nature of government and actually consider their robbery, warmongering, imposition of arbitrary rules or their personal "morality" etc to be a "good" thing.
      It is not that a society without government is impossible. It is that it would require people to stop using government as an excuse for what is basically their OWN desire to dominate, rob and assault their fellow man, and doing it through elections.
      And yes, i am making Ventura's point that many libertarians don't believe in government. I am not stating anything new. It's true. But that's not the disqualifier you think it is. This interview has disqualified Ventura instead, for thinking that the system of rule is not the problem, and that the answer is simply to replace one ruler with another, as if we have any more reason to trust him to know how to run our lives than we do a democrat or republican. Ventura is good in that he sees the ills of government. Unfortunately, he is too utterly naive and brainwashed to see the root causes for these ills. It is not the hands on the levers. It is the fact that the levers are there TO BEGIN WITH and ready to be used against people.
      To say we need government for civilization is to give civilization a bad name, because there is nothing civilized about using force or threat of force against innocent, peaceful people. We need it as much as the store-owner needs the mafia for protection.

      I've given a reasonable response, even though you basically gave me nothing but assertions without valid logical reasoning.

  2. Good interview Robert. I know that it must have been especially difficult to remain silent when Jesse stated that he hoped Glenn Jacobs wasn't "one of those libertarians that didn't see the need for government" roughly paraphrasing.

    You did the right thing by letting him continue on so as to not disrupt the interview but recommending to him to read Hayek.

    1. Actually, I did respond, but it ended up being a very long back and forth, probably 10 minutes, on the necessity of government roads, with Jesse not seeming to get my points. and us going in circles. I gave permission for that section to be edited, but I did not realize that it would end up giving the impression that I did not respond to Jesse.

      I interviewed Jesse Friday, so it was a quick turnaround on the final cut and I didn't hear this version until it was up.

    2. Well, I think it made for a cleaner interview. Maybe you should post the "cuts" in a separate podcast to give people options. I am curious to hear if you made any headway with him on the matter, or if he's even open.

    3. That's probably what we will do, publish it Monday or Tuesday as an "outake." I am having Chris Rossini send me the clip.

    4. what happened to your YT postings?
      I thought you had quit interviewing.

    5. It's clear that Jesse Ventura has nothing to offer for libertarians, as he obviously cannot even see the root cause for the very things he thinks are bad or corrupted.
      Even if he won, and even if he would be marginally better than the rest of them, apparently he doesn't even get how pointless it would be, seeing as four or eight years down the line everybody would be right back where they started, because the exact same corrupt system would still be in place.
      I had some hope for him, but after his comments about government in this interview, that hope is shattered. When it comes to the root cause of all these political problems, he just as dumb as a rock as all the others.

    6. I was an airline pilot based in Dallas. My girlfriend, Carole Fleming, was a nurse at Parkland Hospital who told me the whole back of his head was gone. My friend Brad Angers was with Central Detective Agency located in the Mercantile.Bank building which I believe was really CIA. He showed me an arrest record from the Dallas Police Department of James Ray arrested at the Dallas Trade Mart with a Manlicher rifle. Brad disappeared.

  3. I would have liked to see his claim that government is necessary challenged; though I understand that in such a limited space it would have been fruitless. Either way great interview as normal and good recommendation.

  4. News just in from Australia. True Story. At least one of our services (Channel 10 - The Project Airs at 7:PM in Aus) ran a lame story about JFK 's Brain being stolen. The Senior Anchor nearly tripped over himself as he bleated out several times awkwardly. " I suppose we will now see another round of those ridiculous conspiracy theories about JFK, .... That Aliens killed him ... that FBI were involved ... blah blah " The Fix is in. Expose em Jesse.