Monday, October 7, 2013

VERY SUSPICIOUS: Michael Hastings Had a Completed Novel on His Desktop

Michael Hastings died in a fiery car crash, after sending out emails and telling others that he was on to a big story. Sowhat does Hastings' widow, Elsie Jordan, the former director for communications in the National Security Council and speechwriter for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, find on his computer? A novel.

NPR reports:

    • Michael Hastings, the 33-year-old journalist who died in a car crash in June, wrote a novel before he died, according to The New York Times. Called The Last Magazine, it is a "roman à clef about a young, eager magazine intern named Michael M. Hastings" set in the years leading up to the Iraq War. Hastings' wife, Elise Jordan, told the Times that she found the completed manuscript on his computer after his death. The novel will be published next summer by Blue Rider Press. Hastings rose to prominence after his award-winning profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone led to McChrystal's resignation.

Yup, no big story. NYT tells us that the novel is "a fast, funny roman à clef."

His widow says:

I read ‘The Last Magazine’ shortly after Michael’s death and found solace in the rush of his trademark candor and insight.


  1. Yeah, the first thing I do when I decide to write an entire novel to the point of where it is ready for publication is NOT tell my significant other.

    Because she so won't be wondering where I'm spending all my free time over the next months/years.


  2. Help me out here Bob, this is weird or maybe serendipitous, but why exactly is it suspicious?

  3. How many writers don't have novels on their desktops?

  4. The fact that she came out after his death and said that she did not find anything suspicious about his death makes more sense when you realize where she worked, and who the hell she worked for: Condoleezza Rice. I guess she had an epiphany that Michael's death was nothing more than the birth pangs of a new Orwellian police state, and she did not want to delay it's delivery.

  5. Immediately after his death she said Hastings was murdered. When time rolled around to appear with Piers Morgan she said he died tragically in an accident.