Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Glenn "Kane" Jacobs Gave to Jesse "The Body" Ventura

During my interview of Jesse Ventura, he mentioned that during a Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame event, Glenn Jacobs came over and gave him a book to read. During the interview, Ventura could not recall the name of the book.

We reached out to Jacobs to fill us in on the name of the book. It was Ron Paul's End the Fed.


  1. Glenn is a hidden gem of libertarian potential. Unlike many mainstream libertarian political figures who focus on the "evil" of politicians, glenn seems to be taking a much more hayekian and intellectual approach . A more correct approach if you ask me. An approach that looks at our problems more as the result of massive intellectual error instead of ill intent.

  2. Glenn is fantastic and a great libertarian. When I spoke with him he seemed very down on the idea of running for office or the prospects of any sort of progress through politics as anything other than another platform for spreading a message. The opposite of Rand.

  3. Glenn seems more intelligent to me. Ventura has some good anti-establishment instincts, but he goes too far down Alex Jones road.