Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why The Black Market in Online Drugs is Dead

I am seeing a number of comments at other web sites suggesting that new black market web sites will develop to replace the government shutdown of Silk Road. Not so fast.

It appears that the government may have been monitoring Silk Road activity for more than a year.

What is to say that future web sites will not be monitored? Further, who can rule out the possibility that the government won't set up its own black market web sites?

As of NOW, the use of black market online drug web sites should be considered extremely dangerous. This is especially the case for online dealers.

I am all for allowing all drugs of any kind to be sold without government interference, but the bust up of  Silk Road shows that the internet may not be the best means to get this accomplished. Anyone suggesting otherwise is probably just encouraging some rebellious youth to make a mistake and set up online---a mistake that may result in such youth eventually spending many years in prison. Don't be one of them.


  1. Bob - ending the drug war and other similar statist intrusions will not occur until mother nature stops producing "successfully sinister" human beings.

  2. Yes, it still comes down to trusting your sources. With that said, I can see how Bitcoin could help drug dealers move money around the world - bypassing the banks - without having to physically move dollars across borders.

  3. Other markets existed long before the fall of the Silk Road.

  4. Silk Road came down because the bonehead used his name and a gmail address to do his initial work on the site. It did not come down because of problems with TOR or security protocol. I don't think people should use recreational drugs but I'd rather have them being bought online than out of a crack house that devalues my neighborhood.

    1. That is the story the govg is giving. It is possible that the NSA hacked Silk Road.

  5. Matt is right, if you read the back story on this guy, he did screw up and basically work right out in the open and it came back to bite him on the butt. I dont use TOR (yet) but I will as soon as another black market drug market is established and shows itself capable of staying online. I can't wait to get my hands on some fresh, frosty, West Coast buds delivered fresh to my doorstep. Let freedom ring! The DEA can sod off.