Thursday, October 10, 2013

NYPD Copper, Who Failed to Stop Beatdown of Innocent Couple, Worked Undercover at Occupy Wall Street

Undercover Det. Wojceich Braszczok (whose face has been blurred by NyPo), left, and leaving court today, right, 

NyPo has the details:

His face is being shielded to protect the innocent — even though he’s not one of them.

Disgraced undercover NYPD Detective Wojciech Braszczok was hauled into court on felony gang-assault charges Wednesday for allegedly terrorizing a Manhattan family during a biker-mob assault near the West Side Highway, but he won the right to keep his mug out of the public eye.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Tamiko Amaker barred news photographers from snapping the cop in court, buying his defense lawyer’s argument that exposing his face “would jeopardize his life and his family.”
The Post has clear photos of Braszczok’s face, but has chosen not to publish them, lest that endanger the lives of the undercover heroes he works with.

“My client has been an undercover . . . in the Intelligence Division of the NYPD, infiltrating various organizations,” lawyer John Arlia told the judge as Braszczok was arraigned on charges that could jail him for 25 years.

Amaker was also told that Braszczok has been supplying undercover intelligence for the feds, a source said.

After court, he skulked away with a hoodie covering his head — even he uses his identity on social media.

The shamed cop has a Mohawk in his Twitter photo, and is a skirt-chasing braggart whose Web pages are filled with topless women and fast cars.

He was so careless that he used close variations of the same screen name — “evovillen” — for both real-life and undercover communications while infiltrating Occupy Wall Street last year as “Al” the protester.
Braszczok, 32, of Queens, who was sprung on a $150,000 bail bond, has referred to himself as a cop online since at least 2005.

He never changed his handle when he became an undercover around 2008, using it on Twitter, Instagram, motorcycle forums and dating sites — including in work-related posts to his Occupy “buddies.”


  1. Was he careless or his fellow gang members already knew he was a cop?

  2. Piece of trash cop, a thug with a Badge and a Gun to do what he pleased. His balls in a vise and everyone gets a twist is justice enough for me.

  3. Glad I rarely must spend any time in NYC. After the end of Stop & frisk it will become a bloodbath, esp. w/ the new Commie Mayor.