Monday, November 11, 2013

A Fine Case of Equal Treatment for Women

Murray Rothbard wrote in the July 1970 issue of Libertarian Forum:
Penn Central may be in a veritable mess, but one recent managerial tactic at that railroad was truly a stroke of genius. Six female employees, beguiled by the propaganda of Women's Lib, had protested vigorously that they were beingshunted into the "stereotyped roles" of secretaries and typists. They demanded absolutely equal treatment with men. The management responded by giving them the equal treatment they so richly deserved: shifting them to the dangerous and backbreaking job of checking freight cars, a job that had previously been confined to the male "oppressors". Liberated females, however, somehow are never satisfied. When they complained about the shift, the management retorted: "They wanted equal rights, didn't they?"
It's about time the Women's Libbers realized that not all male jobs are the glamourous ones of advertising executives,publishers, lawyers, etc. The Women's Libbers deserve the "liberation" they want; first step: freight-car checking.


  1. Well, this was 1970.... I can only hope that it's still possible for men to 'take back' their place in society against what has become a frightening wall of 'feminism',......which is now discouraging young boys in school from even BEING 'boys', never mind the mindless courses in college which also demonize young men.
    Sign me "an old lady" who never took to this CIA funded 'Women's Movement", meant to undermine the Family.... It's working too well.
    Where are you guys?

    1. Too many of them are pussy licking manginas terrified of not getting acceptance from women. They're complete pussies. This is what happens in a society where little boys are raised by single mothers and brainwashed with relentless feminist propaganda in the media and government schools.