Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Great Entrepreneurship Story

This was a brilliant stroke of entrepreneurial alertness.

Eighty-four year old Arthur Frommer tells NyPo how he got started in the vacation guide book business:
My writing took off in the 1950s with “Europe on $5 a Day.” The accepted wisdom at the time was Europe was a war-torn continent, and you couldn’t risk staying anywhere other than in a four-star hotel. I knew that this was nonsense.
Here are some Frommer travel tips:
 Travelers pack too much. As I grow older, I take less — a small suitcase with a few changes of clothing. If I need to, I wash my underwear in the sink. Everybody becomes a prisoner of porters and taxis. And they spend too much. I’ve found the less you spend, the more you enjoy. If there’s any slogan for our guide book, that would be it.[...] 
I bring a Chromebook on every trip. It doesn’t have a hard drive, it doesn’t have any moving parts, everything is saved to the Cloud. I think it’s the future of personal computing.


  1. "If I need to, I wash my underwear in the sink."

    Er...I'll stick to the washer thank you very much.

    1. Guess you have never backpacked across Europe or Asia.

    2. Or he gets his underwear very dirty. ;-)