Friday, November 15, 2013

A Report From Another Med Student On Big Government Medical Care Propoganda

An EPJ reader writes:
I saw your first blog post where a medical student wrote to you and that made me want to write too. I go to a small medical school in the Midwest, where you see lots of kids fortunately not subscribing to the big government propaganda they feed us. I have a health policy class right now, and the course director's first lecture centered on why health should be a human right as outlined by you guessed it...the UN!! She's lecturing again next week, and 2 of her pre-reading assignments include a fluff piece titled "Why We Need the ACA" and the other is a beautiful flow chart just showing how simple all the bureaucracy behind the law is. Just like magic, right? Government can solve all problems...

PS. One classmate who actually took issue with the professor on day 1 is a fan of Walter Block and talked about such things as privatized roads, just thought I'd let you know. Nice to know not only are there libertarians, but hardcore ones as well...


  1. Where in the midwest? I'm looking for people to get together to discuss these sorts of ideas.

  2. Medical schools have classes in "health policy"? Really?

    1. Indeed, how else to inure the future docs to accept the continual screwing they'll get from bureaucrats public and private once they have a license.

  3. Most is us docs out in the real world want to go back to the free market days of real fee for service ( not the government invented HMO version). Now if all of us would just quit the AMA, we might be able to gain some traction on this