Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BREAKING: Obamacare Online SHOP Delayed Until Late 2014

Health and Human Services officials have confirmed that the federal small business exchange will not be fully functional until November of 2014, reports WaPo.

On Oct. 29, CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said before Congress that the SHOP exchange would be fully ready by the end of November of this year.

 EPJ was the first to report on the problems with SHOP. On September 25, we reported in a post titled,Exclusive: OBAMACARE NIGHTMARE Part of Obamacare Will Be "Paper Sign Up Only," Web Based Electronic Sign Up Won't Be Ready Until 2014:
A senior lobbyist at a medical association nforms  that "the SHOP exchange for small businesses to purchase insurance for their employees will require employers to sign up using paper forms. The ability to sign up using an electronic or web-based form will not likely be ready until January 2014 at best. The industry was informed of this limitation one week ago."

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  1. Ahahahaha I always laugh when this happens