Wednesday, November 27, 2013

CNBC Core Viewership Drops To Fresh Two Decade Low In November, Lowest Since 1993

No one is paying attention to elitist establishment propaganda.

According to the latest Nielsen Research data, in November, CNBC's core 25-54 demographic saw its fourth consecutive month of declines, and dropped to just 31,000 - a declined of over 40% from a year earlier, and the lowest since February 1993: a fresh 20 year low.

(via ZeroHedge)


  1. Lying always catches up with one. Teach children this as many adults including our esteemed leaders have forgotten this.

  2. Could not agree more tell this to the station owners

  3. CNBC (Crap, Nothing But CRAP) appears totally baffled by their ungraceful, humiliating, and very public swan dive into the septic tank.

    The concept of telling the truth, and reporting the news is clearly beyond their abilities. It is just becoming too painful to watch a bunch of air heads mouth their opinions.


  4. My 80-year-old mother, who's slipping a bit mentally, has the TV on Faux News and/or CNBC constantly, occasionally going to CNN and even BBC World News. She's got a decent bit of money to invest (thanks to the government jobs/government pensions/Social Security that the channels she watches are always declaiming as moochers' welfare. Cognitive Dis much?) She doesn't understand the half of what's going on with the economy, but she obsesses over CNBC/Fux anyway. Which makes her frightened, bitter and depressed. My mom is now CNBC's core demographic.

    P.S. -- I like that Crap, Nothing But Crap slogan.