Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Sign of Advanced Trouble for Ron Paul Inc.

OpenSecrets.org is out with a detailed analysis of campaign activities conducted by the National Right to Work Committee and the organization's failure to properly report those activities as required by law.

The activities of the NRTWC may seem a distance from Ron Paul Inc. but many of the players in the OpenSecrets.org expose have links to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and Rand Paul.

Doug Stafford was NRTWC's vice president at the time and went on to serve as chief-of-staff for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and is now executive director of RAND PAC. Former NRTWC Director of Government Affairs Dimitri Kesari was Deputy Campaign Manager of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and through his consulting firm, it is believed he is working indirectly for the Mitch McConnell campaign. The McConnell campaign is run by Jesse Benton, who is married to Ron Paul's granddaughter.

Of special note, NRTWC's failure to make proper disclosure was reported to the NRTCW board by Dennis Fusaro, who was also responsible for recording the infamous Jesse "I'm holding my nose" Benton tape.

Sources tell EPJ that Fusaro has sent letters out to various organizations across the political spectrum providing them with other situations where Ron Paul Inc. operatives may have broken regulations. EPJ is aware of at least two media outfits that are preparing stories that, sadly, go way beyond the failure to file proper reports with government. It could get real ugly.

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  1. no one will care about this but the extreme far left.