Friday, November 29, 2013

Forget About Stashing Your Cash in the Cayman Islands

The US Treasury has announced that the United States has signed intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) with the Cayman Islands this week to implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

"Today’s announcement marks a milestone in the effort to promote global tax transparency,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Tax Affairs Robert B. Stack. “These agreements underscore growing international cooperation in the effort to end tax evasion everywhere.”

FATCA, enacted in 2010, seeks to obtain information on accounts held by U.S. taxpayers in other countries. It requires U.S. financial institutions to withhold a portion of payments made to foreign financial institutions (FFIs) that do not agree to identify and report information on U.S. account holders. FFIs have the option of entering into agreements directly with the IRS, or through one of two alternative Model IGAs signed by their home country.

Signed this morning, the Cayman Islands IGA is a Model 1B agreement, meaning that FFIs in the Cayman Islands will be required to report tax information about U.S. account holders directly to the Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority, which is the sole channel in the Cayman Islands for the provision of tax-related information to other governments. The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority will in turn relay that information to the IRS. Additionally, the United States and the Cayman Islands also signed a new Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA), to take the place of the original TIEA signed in 2001.

"By working together to detect, deter, and discourage offshore tax abuses through increased transparency and enhanced reporting, we can help build a stronger, more stable, and accountable global financial system. We look forward to collaborating with the Government of the Cayman Islands to further these objectives,” said Julie Nutter, Minister-Counselor for Economic Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in London, who signed on behalf of the United States.


  1. The U.S. government just keeps spreading that freedom and democracy around the world.

  2. And you wonder why Bitcoins are skyrocketing?

    1. So you actually think that the government isn't going to track bitcoins, that they are going to stop at the Cayman Islands?

    2. Pay attention. Coins can easily be anonymized