Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Break All The Rules and Get Everything You Want

By James Altucher

We arrived at the “Boy Meets Girl” fashion show and the woman with the clipboard said, “You are not on the list.”


I had been telling my daughter Mollie all week we would go to this show.

Mollie was very excited.

“Don’t worry,” Nathan had told me earlier in the day, “you will be on the list.” I am extremely grateful he did this for me.

Then we got there and we were not on the list.

I acted confused. I kept saying, “are you sure?”

I find when you act confused but polite then people want to help. There  was a line behind me. I wasn’t fighting or angry. So there was no  reason for anyone to get angry at me.

They just wanted to end the confusion.

The woman wrote down an “S” on two pieces of paper, smiled and said, “Shhh”, and handed them to us.

We were in.


The “S” meant “Standing Room Only”


I found a woman inside who could help me.

I said, “I write for the Wall Street Journal and I thought we would get great seats.” (true)

“Ok,” she said, and she went off to find the president of the fashion  company to get my front row seats PRONTO! This was all just a big  mistake.

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